"We cannot solve today's probems if we use the way of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein

The situation of today's world of business is more complex than ever before. This complexity is linked to an increasing number of business related conflicts. Accordingly the financial effort in relation with those conflicts rises and consumes an inappropriate share of economic performance.

We believe that in many instances these conflicts can be solved in a significantly cost and resource preserving way - by using the alternative, extrajudicial dispute resolution as an intelligent, economically and strategically sustainable way out of the conflict. The growing demand and successful practice of alternative methods for dispute resolution in various conflict situations in business and technology is confirming our approach.

In search of alternative prospects for conflict management a new way of thinking is finding it's way into the world of business, just from the economical and strategical point of view. The assumed contradiction of economic success and cooperative ethics is giving way to a new insight:   In many cases alternative dispute resolution can be a risc saving and economic attractive way out of escalating or deadlocked disputes.

We are offering our support to these parties having reached this insight. We do see it as our assignment to provide these parties with our expertise and experience in the field of extrajudicial management of conflict and to attend them on their way towards an intelligent and sustainable solution of their conflict.

Confidential.  Fair.  Independent.