Towards solution of a conflict in a structured and interest balanced way

Within the extrajudicial methods of dispute resolution mediation is progressively coming to the fore. The process of mediation distinctively allows the parties to achieve an interest balanced, as well as an future oriented and sustainable solution of the dispute.

Mediation – a voluntary procedure

Mediation is a voluntary, extrajudicial procedure in which the dispute parties are aiming to reach a conjointed solution. The mediation process is supported by a neutral third party the mediator being not provided with the power of decision. In fact she/he ensures a structured process flow and supports the parties in their search for interest balanced solutions. The parties are keeping their conflict sovereignity at all times during the mediation process thus allowing them to determine content and result of the mediation process on their own responsibility.

Strategic advantages

A successful mediation process offers strategic advantages over other dispute resolution methods:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Time-efficiency
  • Confidentiality – preclusion of public
  • Determination of mediation content by the dispute parties themselves
  • Consideration of interests of all involved dispute parties
  • Interest balanced and sustainable solution
  • Prevention of future conflicts
  • Maintenance and strengthening of (business) relations between the dispute parties